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--Standing 6-4, 220 pounds, Linwood was the star center for Mary McLeod Bethune High School in Bucktown, Alabama, a small community of approximately 250 African-Americans that is located right outside of Adulasia. According to the school’s official scorekeeper, Linwood’s uncle, Sylvester, Linwood averaged 76 points, 48 rebounds and 43 blocks, 34 steals and 2 assists a game during his senior season. “The boy just had a gift. People say he only dominated like he did because he was four inches taller than the next tallest kid, but that ain’t have nothing to do with it. He could stand still and dunk that ball from the free throw line. He shot 98% percent from the line because of that.” Sylvester adds that Linwood wasn’t selected to play in the 1982, where he would have faced Cheese Eyes McDonald’s All-American game “because of racism.”

NBA '06 FIYA Rankings - #11
by: Linwood Jenkins
, for Sports

FIYA NBA Rankings #11
FIYA Analysis
Dirk is the best player in the league. It cannot be ignored any longer.
I swear it seems every major player on this team has lost at least 5 inches on his vertical.
They play with so much joy, like money doesn't even matter to them. Which is exactly why they'll never win a title.
Lamar Odom has been hurt almost as long as Shaq, yet Kobe has kept his team afloat, unlike some people.that's all I know.
Are they really the best team in the East? Sadly, the answer is yes.until Billups gets back.
BoozGotPaid: If I was playing as terribly as AK has played all season, the media would be all over me. This guy's killing us.
Chris Webber should play center. No question.
T-Mac is a top 5 MVP candidate.
Oh boy, KG is starting to believe in Blount and Foye. This dumb nigga sees a future.
After giving Kirk and Big Ben a big ass chunk of cap space, their entire future rests on the Knicks' pick. That's rough.
If you really look at Howard's game logs, he is the most wildly inconsistent player in the league.
Don't let a couple of wins placate you J.O. Raise hell and get outta there.
They've lost three of four since that damn party. Coincidence? Fuck no.
Did NASA build this team? Because they have imploded and fallen back to Earth in a hurry.
Dwayne Wade really does get a lot of calls. I mean, this guy's spinning top move is worse than Pat Ewing's donkey drop step.
If you are a Clipper fans and cannot see that this shit is Dunleavy's fault, you are a damned fool.
Man, that's a lotta losing since A.I. been there. Who would've guessed? I cannot wait to see Melo's face when that guys takes all them shots down the stretch.
Asked to comment on the impending divorces of Kidd and Carter, Richard Jefferson stated, "Pffft, women. I'm glad I like cock."
It's gonna be fun watching this young frontline against the Knicks' young frontline for the next few years.
They just sent the #10 pick to the NBDL, yet no one mentions Rick Sund as a candidate for league's worst GM. Curious.
Lil' Nate is scared to do anything.LMAO.hahahahahahahaha. Lil' Nate pass the ball and run through. It's pathetic. I'll be glad when his swagger returns.
I feel sorry for every opposing PG that faces Paul that first week after returns. He's gonna be so damn mad.
Brian Skinner look like a big powerful ass Muslim.
If Bibby re-signs it's about the money. They had their shot in 2002 and 2003. It's over. He gotta go.
I don't know why people act like Big Zach gives a fuck about being chosen for the All-Star game. That boy's ticket and room been booked for 18 months. He's there. regardless.
One of their young frontline players has to be a star. It makes no sense for all of them to be average.
Spare me the excuses. "Bad luck" is drafting young morons outta high school.
All of that young talent and they traded Bernard Robinson Jr.? I cannot wait until Bob Johnson fires that Cheesy idiot.
If this bum ass squad gets a top 3 pick, they will get good in a hurry, because Denver's pick is gonna be good, too.
The Bulls beat the dog shit outta these dudes.


FiyaStarter's Top 10 Rookie Watch

Brandon Roy
(13.7 PPG 3.8 RPG): Ainge could sure use him with all these injuries.
It’s really too bad.

Adam Morrison
(13.7 PPG 3.1 RPG): Adam’s thinking the same thing we all are:
“Derek Anderson plays for the Bobcats?”

Andrea Bargnani
(10.4 PPG 3.8 RPG): He’s gaining confidence.

Jorge Garbajosa
(8.7 PPG 5.5 RPG): Well, shit, if he’s a decent rebounding Euro.
That’s alright.

Rudy Gay
(8.6 PPG 4.0 RPG): Against a good defensive team (Chicago),
he bitches up (0-7 fgs). Predictable.

Randy Foye
(8.4 PPG 2.0 APG): That 42% from three is pretty nice...oh my fault,
that’s not from three, the 28% is. My bad, wrong column.

Shelden Williams
(6.6 PPG 6.3 RPG): Only thing uglier than Sheldon is Tyrus Thomas’
rookie campaign, thus far.

LaMarcus Aldridge
(6.9 PPG 4.0 RPG): He must’ve got tired of pussy last week
…nah, but seriously, he played well, last week.

Alexander Johnson
(6.6 PPG 4.6 RPG): He’s giving Kenny Thomas a run for
his “I look like a big ass kid” title.

Jordan Farmar
(6.1 PPG 2.4 APG): He’s begun to adjust his game around the great Sasha’s.


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